Does Lilash Really Grow Your Eyelashes

Does Lilash Really Grow Your Eyelashes

Lilash is an eyelash enhancer that's applied like eyeliner on the eyelash line. I hope my Lilash review can help you decide if you should make use of an eyelash enhancer. With regular application most you will grow eyelashes that will be longer and stronger, and achieve noticeable results within about 4 to six weeks. This product was formulated by physicians, however it does not require a prescription. Other products, like Latisse, are similar effectively, applied the same way, but need a prescription for use. There's no salt in this particular product meaning it happens to be less irritating to your eyes than a few other eyelash enhancers. A very important factor I would like to express is some users have reported slight irritation within the first 3 or 4 days as soon as they begin using this product. However in all fairness this will be the case with many of the eyelash enhancement products. As Lilash stated, this is the "fastest way to grow eyelashes that can be found without getting a prescription". Additionally they provide a 90 day, money back guarantee. Lilash has been extensively laboratory tested by an MD to ensure you don't see any negative effects.

Does not only promise to grow eyelashes longer, but to grow them faster than other products. It's safe for people with sensitive eyes too. One thing that impressed us was just how long that a tube of Lilash lasts. Once your eyelashes reach the desired length, you can reduce the use only to about 3 times a week for maintenance. It's a benefit because it signifies that you will get 5-6 months out from a tube! Lilash even works effectively on brittle lashes that have a tendency to break easily. Just a word of caution. Don't apply the product to the lower lashes because doing so could cause irritation. The company advises against this and lots of people have reported it, so it is best just to avoid it. This product is used on the upper eyelid along side eyelash line. How Does Lilash Work To Grow Your Eyelashes? Lilash uses botanical extracts that does not only grow eyelashes, but enhance their overall strength that can result in less breakage, and in reality can result in stronger and healthier eyelashes overall. Aside from the botanicals, Lilash contains laboratory tested chemical growth enhancers including prostaglandins and parabin. The mix of botanicals and growth enhancers bring about shinier, thicker, healthier eyelashes. It's also used on the eyebrows, even though company has another product called Librow which is designed entirely for this purpose. What's the conclusion of our Lilash review? The product works. The actual outcome were more dramatic and faster than many of the other items which were tested. When used daily as directed the eyelashes became longer, thicker and healthier. You are able to still use mascara, but many people claim they will no longer need it due to thickness and length attained by making use of Lilash. If you have eyelashes that are short and/or brittle, and want to grow eyelashes which are long and full, this is our primary pick.

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