Hino Motors Sales Canada Ltd

Hino Motors Sales Canada Ltd

Axel Breuer, Vice President Finance and Administration of Mississauga, Ontario-based Hino Motor Sales Canada Ltd., announced the selection of PRONTO-Xi as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for Hinos Canadian operation. This purchase is part of Hino Canadas plans to strengthen its North American operations by enhancing customer service and responsiveness. Hino Motors Sales Canada is a Toyota Group company. According to Mr. Breuer, “Pronto North America clearly articulated their knowledge of industry issues and demonstrated how PRONTO-Xis capabilities would address them. Michael Panosh, CEO of Pronto North America notes that Hino is joining a select group of customers. “We operate successfully as a boutique ERP provider by putting our focus on delivering a high degree of value and personal attention to customers. Hino has purchased a full range of PRONTO-Xi modules and plan an immediate implementation. Pronto North America is a focused provider of PRONTO-Xi, a fully-integrated, software application for mid-market Manufacturing and Distribution companies. Used by over 1,200 customers worldwide, including divisions of Tyco, OfficeMax and Hitachi as well as The Parksite Group, Home Run Inn and Collicutt Energy Services, PRONTO-Xi incorporates 30 years of demonstrated functionality. Pronto North Americas team of industry specialists utilizes proven implementation methodologies, PIM™ and PEER™, to deliver low risk, cost-effective implementations. With a deserved reputation of being easy to work with, Pronto North America offers a strong base from which to achieve an accelerated return on your ERP investment.

That's it. Any software downloads? Anybody else to call to set it up? Turns out, she simply went online, chose the package the wanted, the unlimited one of course, selected her phone number and within days had her phone adapter arrive in the mail. After that, wherever she traveled to, she would take the adapter with her, plug it in to the internet and start making calls. Best of all, people would call her on her local number and no matter where she was in North America, she would be able to take the call. If the was away from her phone, voicemail would kick in. If she decided she wanted to go mobile, she would call forward the calls to her mobile. I called her a couple of times on her local number and instead of asking where she was in the city; I'd have to ask where she was in the country right now. Quality of the call was the same all the time. Unlimited means unlimited. Does not limit you to the city you are in, does not limit you to how many minutes you want to talk.

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