Legit Business Or Another Scam

Legit Business Or Another Scam

Norwex Reviews - Legit Business Or Another Scam? Tired of all the fake Norwex reviews? You are on this blog post because you want to learn more about this company. Plus, I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision. Norwex is a Norwegian-based company that was founded in 1994 and their concept is “Clean without Chemicals”. They are a pure cleaning products company that has no chemicals in it which is better for you and the environment. In 1999, the company expanded to Canada and the United States and as of now, Norwex has over 20,000 distributors. Norwex is mostly known for their microfiber cleaning cloths. What these cloths have is anti-bacterial fibers that hold and attract dirt, grease and dust which usually requires chemicals to break down. The product line also includes personal care, kitchen cleaning and home essentials. That’s a good thing! This company reminds me closely to another network marketing company called Pure Haven Essentials. This is where you invite guests over to your home and do a presentation and demonstration with the product and how it works. The most sales you get per home party, the more free products you can get. 750 or more sold in products, you earn 12% in FREE products. 749.99 in sold products, you earn 10% in FREE products. 249.99 in sold products, you earn 8% in FREE products. Now the moment you have been waiting for in this Norwex review… the verdict. Norwex Scam - Does it Really Exist? The company has been in the market place for over 20 years now and still growing.

It isn't bad, but it kind of smells like an expired lotion. LOL. Don't know how else to explain it. Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation has a hint of that same distinct scent. There are several ways on how you can put this product on. Using your clean fingers - but be careful not to get too much product, remember, a little goes a very long way. Synthetic stiff flat brush - your can directly get a few product from the pot and spread it evenly on the face. Stippling or Dense Kabuki or Flat top brush - my favorite application technique. The brush picks up just the right amount. Blending or buffing it on the skin is using this brush makes it much easier as well. I have always been hesitant to buy foundations, concealers or powders online, primarily because the shade might be different from actual and from what is showing in the photo because of the filter used or my computer's screen resolution. So I had to rely on the seller's advise.

I asked which is the best shade for MAC NC40 to NC42. 14.95USD at the website (or approximately Php650.00) per piece. But I was able to find a credible supplier that sold me this product for only PHP390.00 excluding shipping. Got it at 50% off! If you closely look at the swatches, you'd notice that compared with the pot picture (where it looks as though it has a yellow undertone) 140 tends to still have a pink hue to it. Which is why I highly recommend that whenever you buy foundation or powders or concealers, that you test it before buying it. Anyway, you'd also notice that the swatch almost perfectly covered my natural skin. I feel that I get this kind of coverage for HD foundations. Anyway, notice how the product gets into the crease of the skin making it appear flawless. I use the shade 151 as my foundation and 140 as my highlighter or under eye concealer.

Heard of the very famous Ben Nye Banana Powder? Didn't it make a headline because of the famous contouring of Ms. Kim K? Well, apparently, Naturactor Silky Lucent Powder is Asia's best selling loose powder that perfectly fits any skin tone. It's a finishing powder that transforms your face to perfection. It refracts light creating a glowing luminescence that enhances your makeup. Naturactor Silky Lucent Loose Powder is best paired with the Naturactor Concealer Foundation as it last all day long without settling or caking. 31 - Lightest of the three. 41 - Great for light skin tone with yellow undertone. 51 - Darkest of the three shades. It has the same ingredients found in the Cover Face Foundation and Concealer except for one. Kaolin - Kaolin clay is made up of the constituent kaolinite and has the notable composition of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and silica (SiO2). It has been used for hundreds of thousands of years in masks and other facial applications. There are no proven harmful side effects unless you are subjected to it in industrial level.

However, it is important that you be very careful not to inhale this fine particle to prevent any unwanted immunological or respiratory allergies to dust particles. Compared with the Cover Face Foundation and Concealer, the Silky Lucent Loose Powder has a big packaging. It almost occupied my entire palm! It is also as simple and elegant as the first product. The powder is secured in the canister with a plastic cap. There is also a net included in the pack to prevent your brush from getting too much product. You have to place the net on top of the powder and re-seal it properly with the plastic cap before covering the canister with the lid. Ensure that you re-place the plastic cap to prevent your powder from spilling. Just like any other loose powder, there is a mild powdery scent to this product. I'm not going to say that it has fragrance but I feel that what I can smell out of it is the natural scent of a loose powder. Using a fluffy puff. Beauty blender to really pack it in place, perhaps best for preventing or cleaning out fall outs. The product is very fine. Particles actually fly all over upon application. But once applied on the skin, it sits there and perfectly binds itself with the Naturactor Cover Face Foundation and Concealer. I notice that it also absorbs excess oil keeping your face matte and flawless. Well, so much for my review, I will let your eyes be the judge. No wonder why celebrities and makeup artists are so amazed with this product! It perfectly hides imperfections! It is very light on the skin that you won't even remember you had it on. The longer it stays on the skin the better it gets! I just love it!