The Unboxing Authority

The Unboxing Authority

These pens, allow you to manipulate a smartphone, by using the tip on the reverse end. Every pen writes in black ink. Each pen has sparkly things in the upper part, and a common color in the lower part. I'm sure little girls would love these pens. They probably work on portable game systems like the Wii U. There were no problems with the black ink writing right away. I received this product for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review. 2 in 1 style: These Stylus Pen great to use as stylus but also as pen. Soft rubber tip gives you sensitive touch as finger, and protect your screen from fingerprint and scratches. As a pen, they write smoothly in black ink on paper. Easy to carry: The touch pen with a metal clip can be clipped on the book or phone case. It is convenient design for your carrying.

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