Van Dusen Botanical Garden Photos In Vancouver Canada

Van Dusen Botanical Garden Photos In Vancouver Canada

Visiting the beautiful Van Dusen Botanical Gardens was our third sightseeing stop for one day while vacationing in Vancouver, Canada. It may have been last on our list but not least by way of pleasure. We started this same day by visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park. We revisited the Queen Elizabeth Gardens and as you can probably tell this last planned event would complete a day of spending our time enjoying outdoor natural beauty. I also had my camera in hand to capture some photos of what we were seeing. The Van Dusen Gardens sits on a 55 acre (22.5 hectare) site of what used to be the Shaughnessy Golf Course. When the golf course was abandoned thought was given to turn the area into a development of condos. The garden was officially named after Mr. W.J. Van Dusen who happened to be the president of the Vancouver Foundation and who also donated money for the development of this botanical garden. The Van Dusen Botanical Gardens are now under the oversight of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

The Botanical Gardens Association of Vancouver helps with the direction the garden has taken. The site contains all the elements needed for a gorgeous garden. The weather is mild. There are wonderful water features. The variety of plants that can grow in that climate are diverse. In laying out the design for the gardens it was decided to use the numerous plants from around the world and group them as to geographic origin. This provides many different areas of the garden to enjoy and experience as one part of the acreage may look entirely different from another part. As an example, there is a medieval garden maze! A rose garden takes up some space. The rhododendron garden was in full bloom when we passed by that area. The Oriental features of the garden add to its distinctive beauty. Sculptures dot the grounds and add interest. As my mother, niece and I walked the grounds of this very peaceful setting there were many sculptures that were placed in various locations gracing the gardens with their expressions of individual artistry. What an unusual looking tree this was to our eyes!

Supposedly this monkey puzzle tree is the only tree in the world that a monkey cannot climb due to its very sharp needle-like leaves. One can learn so many interesting things by visiting Botanical Gardens like this Van Dusen one in Vancouver! Vancouver hosted a World Exposition in 1986 and this Korean Pavilion was a gift from the Korean people to the people of Vancouver. It now graces a spot in the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens for people from every part of the world who visit the gardens to enjoy. Each year towards the end of the year a Festival of Lights is held in Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. It must be an amazing site to see these gorgeous grounds transformed and lit with thousands of twinkling multicolored lights. The three of us absolutely loved strolling through the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. The winding paths took one over wooden bridges where one could look down upon lily pads in bloom. It also led one to vast expanses of lawn with borders of the majestic trees and blooming shrubs punctuating the scenery with color.

The sculptures strategically placed throughout the park are each labeled with the sculptor's name and country. It would have been fun to see them being carved but also very enjoyable to see the end result of the different artist's interpretations of their medium whether stone, wood or other raw material. You can find these gardens at 5251 Oak Street (at the corner of Oak and West 37th Avenue) in the heart of Vancouver. They do charge fees to enter the gardens but the charge is nominal and helps to maintain and further develop these gardens. Parking for those arriving in their own vehicles is free. If you enjoy nature in a more natural setting, consider visiting the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens if you are ever in Vancouver, Canada with a little extra time to spare. Would you consider strolling through the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens if in Vancouver? Mentioned at the top of this post were the other places we visited this same day while in Vancouver.

Thirteen tons of concrete at each end keep the 450 foot Capilano Suspension Bridge firmly anchored for those people who like to view the river and magnificent trees from a several hundred feet up in the air perspective. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. While the pictures show something of the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, obviously seeing it in person is even better. My camera was just a simple point and shoot variety. I loved the pictures. They are so beautiful. I guess you can tell that we like visiting gardens whenever we travel if given the time to explore. Hope that you can fit in a visit to the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens the next time you make it to Vancouver.