Backlink Service Seo Xrumer Services

Backlink Service Seo Xrumer Services

Can You Even Imagine Moving from Page 100 of Google to

1st Ranking for a 10 Million+ Competition Keyword!!!!!!

So What Exactly is a Xrumer Blast?

To sum it up in a nutshell, a Xrumer blast is an automatic way to get thousands of quality backlinks from forums, blogs, and guestbooks for your website. It's all about increasing your website's ranking (SERPs) in Google and creating a traffic funnel to your website.

We will blast your site to over 100,000+ forums, blogs, and guestbooks depending on the service chosen, with a SEO optimized post targeting your chosen keyword(s), which will significantly increase your Search Engine Rank Positions (SERPs) & provide you with an instant traffic increase!

Remember, Traffic is Money!

Whether you're looking to increase your traffic or want to reach a higher ranking in Google, we have the perfect Xrumer blast package for you! We provide you with a top quality service for the lowest price guaranteed! No other provider can match that!

What is Xrumer?

Xrumer is the premier professional quality automated link-building tool. Through the use of this tool you will see a significant increase in the number of unique visitors to your site, as well as see your site jump in the search engine result pages. The tool is popular among both novices and gurus because of both its flexibility, power, and effectiveness. Xrumer is extremely reliable and its fully automated workflow makes link-building a breeze.

Xrumer is one of the most powerful software around. With the power to get thousands of backlinks at the touch of your fingers no competitors can compete with the power of Xrumer.

What Are We Offering?

We are providing you with a top quality blasting service that will significantly increase your traffic and SEO.

We will be using several copies of Xrumer to blast your site to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of sites.

This is without you having to spend money on this expensive software retailing at $590 USD.

We will be using two Intel Core 2 Quads, 8 GB Ram, and 1 GBps line dedicated Servers to run your blast!

So we provide you with the benefit of using this expensive SEO software to benefit you at a fraction of the price.

This is the perfect solution for those who cannot afford Xrumer or are looking to try it out before purchasing.

Benefits + Search Engine Optimization:

With a Xrumer blast you can expect to see thousands of backlinks for your site. Many of the forums that your site will be posted to have high PageRanks. Having your link on these sites can really help build up some top quality back links and really boost your Alexa Rating and send your Google PageRank rating through the roof!

Benefits + Traffic:

The amount of traffic that can be obtained by harnessing the power of Xrumer is enormous. You are publishing your site to tens of thousands of links. With our higher packages you will be publishing your site to HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of forums, blogs, and guestbooks. Imagine 1 post on a popular forum will usually get 1000 or so views, with say 100 of those people visiting your site. Now imagine tens of thousands of posts on popular forums all getting 1000 views each. Your traffic will go through the roof! Imagine how many sales or leads you can achieve! You are literally stumbling upon a goldmine ready to be exploited!

Remember, Traffic is Money.

Why Choose the Xrumer SEO Pros?

We are Xrumer experts, and have been using Xrumer for years so we know how to harness the enormous power of Xrumer and turn it into an automatic cash machine.

We also provide the cheapest prices on the market. Many competitors will charge you 2x the amount of what we charge you. We firmly believe in providing great service at a low affordable rate. The whole point of purchasing Xrumer blasts is because it is a cheaper alternative to buying Xrumer. So we aim to keep that thought in mind and provide you with the cheapest rates possible.

Not only do we have the best prices but our turn-around times are super fast. We will have your prpoect done before you know it! This is typically between 24-72 hours!

Unlike the other services, we don't try to hide the results. We firmly believe in honesty, and will provide you with a full report of the blast! This is so that you can see for yourself the power of Xrumer and how we have harnessed it to benefit your website.

Compared to other services:

We continuously update our forum, blog, and guest databases, every few days

Our reports contain only the actual successful submissions, zero junk links

We use external Captcha breaking services, such as Captchabot for high successful submissions

Our Xrumers have their internal files continuously programmed (XAS_AI, XURL, etc) weekly and modified for higher success rates, hence why we are able to submit to more types of forums and links

Extremely competitive pricing for a high quality service

More unique SEO packages and greater chances of link diversity

We have years of SEO and Xrumer experience, and are more than happy to share and provide useful advice to give you the best results

Our services come with a satisfaction guarantee, we will do our best to keep you happy!

Greg Smith-Xrumer Service Expert

What Our Customers Say About Us:

If you wish to leave us a short review or comment to post here, please let us know. Your comment/reviews are highly valued by our company.


Our Pricing:

All orders will be processed within 1-3 days. It takes us an average of at least 5 hours of server time and 2 GB + of bandwidth usage to blast your site, depending on your package! We will try and aim to have your order processed within 24 hours. But when we have many orders, you can expect your blast to take up to 3 days.

We accept Paypal and are Paypal Verified.

Blast Packages Offered:

(1) Googles Death - Xrumer Blasts:

Package #1: 100,000 Links blast + $19.95

Package #2: 150,000 Links blast + $24.95

Package #3: 200,000 Links blast + $29.95

Package #4: 350,000 Links blast + $39.95

NEW! Package #5: 500,000 Links blast + $49.95

(Limited Time Only!)

These are our regular and most popular blasts. You article along with anchors will be submitted as forum threads. You are guaranteed a minimum amount of successful submissions with every package. These blasts are 100% unique, we don't use duplicate forums. If you provide us with a spun article, each submission will be 100% unique! These blasts are more black hat, but will have a bigger effect in ranking then the white hat profile blasts. Unlike other Xrumer services, your reports includes only the 100% successful submissions. So you will not receive false positives or junk links.

Xrumer Services

Xrumer-Blast + Xrumer + Services

What is Xrumer?


Xrumer is the number-one automated link-building tool. By using Xrumer Blasts on your website you will see a significant increase in the number of unique visitors as well as rank higher for keywords related directly to your website.

By using our SEO Experience together with this powerful tool you will be able to rank higher in SERPs and receive a massive increase of quality, targeted traffic, therefore more money! The key is targeting, with our services and our experience, you will be able to dominate Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines (including local search engines). We don't waste your time and money on building hundreds of thousands unrelated backlinks, with our services, you can be sure that you will receive quality long lasting success.

Order Xrumer Backlink Service.


Why choose BackLin Service SEO. Com ?

Xrumer is a really complicated piece of software that requires a lot of knowledge, not only about Search Engine Optimization but also Network Management to fully utilize its power. Our team includes an experienced Network Manager that monitors our Dedicated Servers 24/7 and unlike other competitors we make sure that every client receives only top quality links.

Aside from our Network Manager, we have a small team of exclusive veteran Search Engine Optimization experts that will help you optimize your message to achieve the best possible audience exposure and make those posts count!

We take pride at what we are doing; therefore we expect nothing less than perfection and this exactly what you get when ordering our Xrumer Blast Backlink Service SEO services, all this at an affordable price.

Benefits of using Xrumer Services

Did you ever try to post your message to thousands of forums, message boards, blogs, guestbook and journals manually? If the answer is yes, you should already know why many people prefer Ordering Xrumer Blasts. Posting messages manually could be a really painful experience, especially if those messages get deleted straight ahead by the moderators. The key here is automation; our software is able to take care of the most annoying tasks like registration, verification and even CAPTCHA user authorization! Aside of Xrumer we use special techniques to make sure your messages receive maximum amount of audience exposure, we perfected our techniques and we are proud to offer exclusive ways to track the effect of your promotional message, LIVE!

Our Services

We aim to please as many customers as possible; therefore we divide our packages not only by the amount of posts you receive but also by the level of detail. We also offer Unique Targeted DB services for WhiteHat sites, people who are afraid of their site being related to BlackHat activities or people who are looking for a specific audience exposure.

BACKLINK SERVICE SEO/Xrumer Backlinks Blast Packages:

200k Backlinks Blast

300k Backlinks Blast

400K Backlinks Blast

500K Backlinks Blast

1 Million Backlinks Blast

Successfully Posted Message Packages:

500 Successful Backlinks Posts

1000 Successful Backlinks Posts

2000 Successful Backlinks Posts

3000 Successful Backlinks Posts

5000 Successful Backlinks Posts

10,000 Successful Backlinks Posts

Additional Services:

Unique Targeted DB + Targeted Backlinks Creation Service

Receive long lasting blast specifically related to your topic with quality backlinks for as low as 25$ ~!

Packages: Level of Detail

Normal Package


Detailed Report: Detailed Report of the Successfully posted promotional messages (Post URL, Username, Password and Registration Information), all in a convenient, human readable file.

Extra Package + + 10$


Detailed Report: Detailed Report of the Successfully posted promotional messages (Post URL, Username, Password and Registration Information), all in a convenient, human readable file.

Post URLs: Customized list of ping-able post URLS.Ping your URLS! Index your website faster for just 10$!

Premium Package + + 15$


Detailed Report: Detailed Report of the Successfully posted promotional messages (Post URL, Username, Password and Registration Information), all in a convenient, human readable file.

Post URLs: Customized list of ping-able post URLS.Ping your URLS! Index your website faster!

Profile URLs: Profile information. + Beat the Webmasters, ping your Profile URLs!

Still not convinced about BACKLINK SERVICE SEO. com ?

There are definitely some service providers who can offer you a lower price and/or bigger packages, unlike those providers we prefer to focus on quality instead of quantity, therefore we can assure you that together with our SEO Experts you will be able to achieve the highest possible success rate.

We'd like to take a special note and tell you that not all of those posts will remain alive for a long period of time. We don't lie to our customers, if you want to receive quality backlinks it means that you will have to post on highly moderated forums, message boards and blogs, which in turn makes the post average life-time shorter. Only with Unique Targeted DB you will be able to achieve the longest period of exposure, so choose wisely!

Like one of our members said: "So what you are waiting for? Come and get the magic of my xRumer!"

How to Order Your Packages:

Please pick a package and email us at: LivinItUp911@Yahoo.Com

We will answer any questions you have.

Our Paypal: LivinItUp911@Yahoo.Com

If you are ordering anything besides the Xrumer blast, please email us for the package requirements.

For the Xrumer Blasts, Please Provide Us With the Following Information in Your Email

Site URL: (full url of your site, in this format "")

Primary Keyword: (one only, will be inserted into the article)

Secondary Keywords: (only two, will be inserted into the article, if you need more, please email us)

Post Title: (Not needed for a profile blast + choose a catchy or attractive title with your keyword)

Post Message: (Not needed for a profile blast + an article, information, or comment on your product/website)

Preferably, you should include all your keywords (primary & secondary) as anchors inside the article for SEO effect. You can include anchor text and links using BB code (no HTML) inside the article as you wish. The maximum number of words should be 300-500 (can be longer if it's a spun article).

You can also use a variation system, also known as "spinning" ( word 2 ) inside the article (Format: e.g. This is one sentence ). The keywords you give us will be used as anchor texts inside your article. We can blast a maximum of 5 URLs per blast, so this means 5 maximum anchors, but you must use a variation system (this is required for SEO), which means a blast will be split amongst the 5 anchors (a 100 K blast means each of the five get 20 K each). Email us for more info.

Our best advice: Please do your market and keyword research first for best results. Only one anchor should be in the article, if you need more blasted, use the variation system url 2 . Keywords with three or more words will have the best effect with traffic and ranking.

Terms of Service:

We are 100% confident that you will be satisfied and that we will deliver you results. If you are not 100% satisfied with your results, we will gladly re-blast your site again for free after 15 days.

We would be willing to blast your site again before 15 days, but this is due to the fact that sometimes it takes at least 2 weeks to see the full results. By purchasing a package, you accept these terms.


(1) Won't Google Ban/Penalize Me for Receiving Thousands of Backlinks Automatically?

NO it will not! This is the biggest myth surrounding the use of Xrumer. If by using xrumer you could get a site banned from Google, then competitors would be blasting away to get their competition banned. But this would be counter productive, and defeat the entire purpose of why Xrumer was Created.

However, if you have anew and unestablished site, without existing backlinks or PR, you can get temporarily sandboxed by Google (usually for a week), but this is a minor inconvenience, and your site will return ranking higher than ever!

(2) What's the Best Way to Get the Highest Google Rank?

To get the highest possible rank, we recommend you SeNuke blast your main money site, then use a Xrumer blast to blast the web 2.0, social bookmark, and RSS sites that the SeNuke blast created. A smaller blast on your money site will be a bonus, and may further boost your ranking.

(3) What's the Difference Between a Regular Blast and a Profile Blast?

A profile blast is for newer sites or for people who want to appear white hat. It's also great for deep linking.

Contact Information:

Email: LivinItUp911@Yahoo.Com

We will get back to you within 12 hours.

Skype Messenger: Greg.Smith585

PayPal Email Address: LivinItUp911@Yahoo.Com


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